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Posting Policy

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Posting Policy


The mailing list is a email based discussion forum for the exchange of information, events and general pleasant conversation primarily about Thompson Center Contender and Encore firearms, their care and feeding. Other topics such as handgun hunting, target shooting, handloading, firearm maintenance, gun shows as well as general friendly off topic chat are the normal discourse of the list and are welcome. In general tone is one of family friendly exchanges among friends and is peer moderating. The archives for the list are open to the public so it behooves posters to remember that their messages may well outlive the list.

What is not permitted:

Profanities, threats, abusive or vulgar language will result in the sender being removed from the list promptly and without notice. Repeat cases will cause the email address to be added to the banned list.

Commercial solicitation, AKA Spam, is forbidden. List member items for sale, announcements of T/C, shooting, or hunting stuff on sale or discount codes is welcome and encouraged ( discounts are good ).

An exception to the rules in the case of a hijacked or stolen email account may be made if circumstances warrant.

That's it for the No can do rules.

Good posting suggestions:

Don't post angry. The archive collects everything and is public and what you write may come back to haunt you.

Punctuation is a good thing. Please use it and the shift key. It helps others to read what it is you have to say. becuase when you dont no one can tell where a sentence begins or ends it looks like everything just runs together be kind to folks and communicate your ideas more clearly help us older ones that never text message or online chat get what it is your are saying