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Welcome to the TC Bunch home page.

TC Bunch Mailing list

This is the home of the TC Bunch mailing list running a Mailman list server. The list provides an email based forum for the exchange of information, event and general pleasant conversation primarily about Thompson Center Contender and Encore firearms, their care and feeding. Other topics such as handgun hunting, target shooting, handloading, firearm maintenance as well as general friendly off topic chit chat are the normal discourse of the list. The general tone is one of friendly exchanges with touches of humor and good natured ribbing.

The way this list works is that a subscriber sends an email to the TCBunch mail box and that message is forwarded to all the other subscribers as an individual email or as a collection of emails for those choosing the digest version.

A visit the archive can give you a good idea of what the list is like and is open to the public.

The links below will take you to the various pages for signing up, setting list preferences and visiting the archive. More information on list servers and how they work can be found on this Wikipedia List Server Page.

Mailing List Links:


The Kiosk is a place for temporally storing photos or files that may be too large to be attached in email or just for sharing with others. This service is open to the general public. For rules and restrictions visit the Kiosk page.
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Stories and Stuff

Got a good story to tell? Know some Contender or Encore information or maintenance tricks to share? How about reloading or bullet casting experience you can relate? Favorite load? Want to look for some Recipes? Need a chili recipe? The Chili Recipe Collection contains over 1200 entries for the gastronomically adventurous. Got some good Jokes? If you're looking to buy or sell some stuff check out the Classifieds. Make your own entry in Personal Pages or just browse what's there.
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Photo Gallery

Pictures from list members and from get togethers are available here for your viewing pleasure. Photos albums with thumbnails and image scaling for dial up friendly viewing. Contact the list_admin at on adding yours to the gallery.
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Special Links

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